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Aluvihara Cave Temple

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Aluvihāra Rock Cave Temple

The Aluvihara Cave Temple is placed in a rock and there are 13 rock caves. Caves are with paintings and statues.

located 3km north of Matale, The Aluvihara Cave Temple a golden Buddha statue of the Aluvihara monastery.

The name Aluvihāra has many meanings and legends associated with it. It was originally known as ‘Alu-Lena’ or ‘Āloka-Lena’ (Luminous Cave) based on a legend. During the reign of King Devānampiyatissa (250-210 BC) a monk was working on the commentaries (Aţţha Kathā). On seeing this, the King of Devās, Sakra illuminated the cave to facilitate his work.

The cave temple faced east and it received the morning rays of sunrise. This was the reason the cave was named Āloka-Lena since ancient times.

It cannot be disputed that the writing of the Tipiţaka brought doctrinal illumination to mankind. This brought illumination to the world from ignorance and suffering, thus Alu-Lena would suggest this event. In Pāli it is called Āloka-Vihāra which means Alu (Luminous) and Vihāra (Temple).

Situated just north of Matale is Aluvihara Rock Temple.Aluvihāra is located along the Trincomalee road, a short distance from Mātale town of the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The temple lies 30 km North of Kandy (former capital of Sri Lanka) and 43 km South of Dambulla or the Jumbukola Vihāra, the other temple of equal fame. The driveway climbs toward a mound of massive boulders where the temple nestles. A bas-relief of elephants decorates the compound wall marking the entrance to the Aluvihāra Rock Cave Temple. A mountain range envelops the temple providing breathtaking views of evergreen foliage, making the environment extremely serene and natural.


Specific details

Opening Hours 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Religion Buddhism
Local Guide Available Yes
Wheelchair accessible No


Matale , Matale District, Sri Lanka
Trincomalee road, Matale, Sri Lanka



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