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Ridi Viharaya Cave Temple

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Ridi Viharaya or the Silver Temple

Ridi Viharaya or the Silver Temple  lies about 20 kilometers away from the ancient kingdom of Kurunegala in the village of Ridigama

Ridi Viharaya has a long history which is dated back in Anuradapura Kingdom time. This temple was done by King Dutugemunu, who ruled Sri Lanka from 161 BC to 137 BC. 

Maha Viharaya is the main Cave temple located after the Hevisi Mandapaya. This has few Buddha statues , some other statues and large number of paintings on walls and roof of the cave. This section of the Ridi Viharaya was done by king Dutugemunu and you can see the gold plated Buddha statue, which was donated by king Dutugemunu. According to the historical records, this statue was bring down to Sri Lanka from India. This statue was underdone some restorations in Kandian kingdom time and currently kept in a special glass casing.

There are hundreds paintings of Load Buddha were done on the wall of the temple. These paintings seems need some restoration. Other than the gold plated Buddha stature, there are several other Buddha status are located inside. One statue believed to be king Dutugemunu, which is dated to the Anuradapura time.

Other interesting thing in here is the old Dutch floor tiles, laid by the recumbent Buddha statue. You can see rows of tiles, with blue colored painting on while background, which explain the various e incidences happens in Cristian religion history such as Garden of Eden, Adam and Eva, creation of man etc. According to the some historical facts, these tiles ware a gift to King Kirthi Sri Rajasinga (1746-1778 AD) by a Dutch envoy and then he donated to the temple. These tiles were laid without a proper orientation or a order.

Uda Vehera is located by the right side of the Maha Viharaya and dated to Kandy Regime time This temple was build by king Keerhi Sri Rajasinghe in 18th century.

Paintings in the Cave above the Roof You can see some frescoes done on the cave wall, just above the shrine room roof. This collection has a image of load Buddha and many monks and almost faded away. Seems these images were not completed, the marks of the sketches also visible. 

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Opening Hours 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Religion Buddhism
Local Guide Available Yes
Wheelchair accessible No


Ridigama, Kurunegala District, Sri Lanka



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Great Place and Quiet!

Very nice Cave Temple , visit this Temple in January 2017. Really nice place to visit. No crowds and you have all the time.

Don't forgot to look around you can see a Elephant :)

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