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Dutch Fort, Negombo

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Remainings of the Dutch fort in Negombo, Sri Lanka

The Dutch captured Negombo from the Portuguese in 1646 and negotiated an armistice with Portugal for ten years. During this period of time the King of Kandy sought to provoke conflict between both nations by passing through the territories of the one to attack the other. On one occasion he captured the fort of Negombo and send the head of the Dutch commander Adrian Vander Stell to his countrymen in Galle. Although the Dutch managed to regain control of Negombo from the King by diplomatic means, hostilities continued. In particular the disruption of the cinnamon trade was a favourite method of the King to harass the Dutch. The legacy of the Dutch colonial era can be seen in the Dutch Fort, constructed in 1672

The Dutch fort is now part of the prison in Negombo.

Specific details

Opening Hours All day
Local Guide Available Yes
Entrance Tickets Required No
Restaurant Available No
Parking Available Yes
Duration 15 minutes
Hotels Nearby Yes
Wheelchair accessible Yes


Negombo , Gampaha District, Sri Lanka


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